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Virtual meeting platform built with your privacy as top priority.

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Privacy Matters

Your online safety is more important than ever.
Since 2020 there has been an increase of internet crime reports by 300%. At ARC, we don’t share or sell your data, monitor or record your conversations, or use artificial intelligence to build profiles on our users.

No Surveillance

No Data Mining

No Target Marketing

No Recording

No Profiling

Why Use ARC?

ARC Video Features

Stay Protected

Meeting validation and powerful encryption will ensure unwanted guests do not join your meetings.

ARC Video Features

Talk Privately

Your meetings and conversations are not monitored or shared with third-parties, so you own your data.

ARC Video Features

Unique User Experience

We use cutting edge technology in the video space to provide the best user experience on the market.

Competitive Feature Analysis

ARC's privacy stands above the rest

features of ARC video
ARC Video Features

User-friendly Features to Grow Your Organization

  • Instant Team Meeting
  • Quick Invites
  • Responsive Participant Grid
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Screen-sharing
  • Chat
  • Speaker Title
  • Groups
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ARC Video Features

Best In-Class Support:

We understand that who you choose to partner with for your video conferencing platform says a lot about your business and is a direct reflection of your company which is why we built ARC with our Client's needs at the heart of every decision. To this point our Client Success Team is here to ensure that you are comfortable, educated and confident that your meetings will run smoothly, and your employees, partners and clients will appreciate you keeping their conversations private.

Each Business Account comes with a dedicated Client Success Team Member who can assist with:

  • On-Boarding New Members
  • Setting up the Organization/Groups
  • Admin Training
  • Company-wide Training
  • Live In-Meeting Support
  • 24/7 Online Support
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