Video Conferencing at its finest

ARC Video App - Responsive
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Focus on what matters

ARC Video App - Responsive

One Button

Stop filtering through emails, confusing links, and meeting codes. With ARC, you can connect, host meetings, and give presentations with the touch of a button.

ARC Video App - Responsive

All Your Calls In One Neat Location

ARC organizes all your future events in one list on the “My Events” page. When an event starts, just tap the “Join Now” button.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Event Notifications

When an event goes live, you’ll be notified. Join by simply tapping the notification banner on your phone. When you need to start an event, one click automatically notifies all recipients that the event has started.


The Security You Need

ARC Video App - Responsive

Security Is Important

With remote working and learning on the rise, we understand the importance of privacy. Your community needs security it can count on. From the beginning, ARC was built to protect privacy.

ARC Video App - Responsive

256 Bit End-to-End Encryption

2020 has highlighted the need for secure face-to-face conferencing. With zoom-bombing and hacking ruining major virtual events around the world, ARC knows you need peace of mind. Every ARC call is protected with 256 bit encryption, making it virtually impossible to break. Security is not just a feature we offer; it’s the foundation of our platform.


Organized for efficiency

ARC Video App - Responsive

Easily Find Your Groups

ARC Groups help you to organize your teams, students, and friends into groups. Invite everyone in a group to join an event with the touch of a button. Once you’ve created a group, you can easily start an impromptu meeting or invite everyone to a future event.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Instant Notifications

ARC has eliminated complicated links, codes and last minute scrabbling. Every member of the group will receive a push notification when your event goes live to ensure that everyone is there on time.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Invite Your Contacts

With ARC you can stop searching for email addresses and phone numbers. ARC syncs with your contacts to make creating groups and adding members as simple as clicking the “Invite” button.


“Let’s step away for a minute”

Need to Sidebar?

The Breakout feature allows you to sidebar into a private conversation with an individual or a smaller group. Rejoin the main group when you are finished, without interruptions or ever having to leave the original meeting.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Split Into Smaller Groups

Adapting classrooms virtually has just been made simpler with ARC. Teachers and administrators can split up the class into breakout sessions for small group discussions or activities and they can just as simply bring everyone back to the class.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Private Discussions

Breakout eliminates the need for multiple meetings at once and allows for a flexible virtual environment. Now it’s easy to have a private discussion during a presentation or a public event.


Game-Changing Flexibility

ARC Video App - Responsive

One Platform

One platform for all your video communication needs. Host one-to-one calls, group meetings, presentations, and broadcast events. ARC is designed to adapt to your needs while providing simplicity and privacy you can count on.

ARC Video App - Responsive

Flexibility: From Meeting to Live-Stream

Whether giving a business presentation or live-streaming an event to thousands of people, ARC makes it simple so you can focus on what matters. Engineered for both large and small groups, ARC is the most flexible product on the market.